On this site, you will learn and master the basics of snatch techniques and movements through the lens of CrossFit Games. I have been affiliated with Crossfit for over 2 years and have grown my adoration for one of the most underestimated movement in the sport which is snatching. Many athletes are not fond of the movement as it challenges grip, heel stability, and stance of width as the weights get heavier. I was also one of the athletes that disliked the movement so much. However, it takes lots of practice and training to be able to master the technique. Consistency is very key when learning the proper technique for snatches. I will be sharing three snatch movements and offer ways to improve it's technique.


Learning and doing the CrossFit snatch can be one of the speediest ways to boost or taint your fitness certainty within the gym. It is an effective, and noteworthy development that requires full body quality, coordination, and portability. Whether you are brand new or you are a prepared vet, usually one development you are attending to need to create beyond any doubt to work on frequently all through your preparing and workout cycles.

The CrossFit snatch adopted the olympic lifting development that is often modified in competition. The development itself begins with the barbell on the floor in a deadlift-like position with the body and closes with the barbell within the overhead position.

In Liue of Theresa

This is a picture of myself during one of the competitions at my crossfit gym at Kent Crossfit in Kent, WA and a friend caught a really good photo of me during this time during the workout of the day.